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How to care pearls, 4 points


The main component of pearls is calcium carbonate. If the acid such as sweat is left on them, it damages the surface and withers the glitter. It’s universal no matter how good quality a pearl has.
However, there is no need to be afraid of wearing pearls just because sweat can be on them.
Please make sure to wipe them with dry and soft cloth after taking them off.
Imagine just like you wipe off the sweat on the surface.
If a pearl has a stubborn bit of dirt, please clean it using a damped-with-water then tightly-wrung cloth, then wipe off the remaining dampness with a dry cloth.
Please do not wear them before putting on make-up, always make sure to wear them after your make-up is completed.

Avoid dryness and dampness

Extreme dryness or dampness can damage the nacre and that may wither the glitter. You can store your pearls in your chest, but make sure you don’t store them with a moth repellent.
Please take them off when you do the housework especially kitchen work involving scrubbing and washing.

Avoid light and heat

Protein inside the pearls can be deformed when it’s heated. This could result in discoloration. Please make sure to store them away from direct sunlight.

Don’t store them with other jewelry

Pearls are not something tricky to handle, but when there is any kind of shock, they could get rubbed or scratched by other jewelry.
Pearls are alive. They can last long and you can wear them as long as you like if you affectionately care for them.

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